About Us

Cangzhou Blue Beauty Instrument Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with R & D, manufacturing and sales together. centralizing outstanding scientific research personnel, based on modern production base, development and production of medical devices, laboratory equipment. Widely used in universities, medicine, environmental protection, roads, buildings, chemicals, petroleum and other industries. And leads mainland China similar industry with quality of production and sales, exports to the international market. our products exported to England,France, Russia, Japan, kazakhstan, Mongolia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Malaysia and more than 60 countries.


Specializing in the production of building materials instruments, construction instruments and equipment manufacturers, our company is located in Botou Industrial Development Zone. In 1978, the production of cement softening instruments began. Over the years, the products have been updated continuously, and a series of physical inspection instruments and analytical instruments have been developed, which have the advantages of high scientific and technological content, high automation level, easy to use, fast and small human error, and four products have obtained invention patents.

According to the company's development and production of product types, production characteristics, management practice, customer demand, in accordance with ISO9001: 2008, GB/T190001-2008 quality system production, installation and service quality assurance model, standard to ensure the implementation of the quality policy, quality system operation and product quality of the production process of all parts of the strict control, to ensure that the product quality of the pass rate of 99%.

The company has: production department, quality inspection Department, Sales Department, after-sales department, Finance department, comprehensive department, logistics Department.

1, the production department: according to the ISO9001 quality system certification of the provisions of the production operation, reasonable arrangement, improve efficiency, to ensure the pass rate of 99%.
2, R & D Department: there are experts, professional engineering and technical personnel responsible for the replacement of products, according to the requirements of the cement industry, the development of construction industry, research, design and development of supporting new products, and four products have been patented.
3, Quality inspection Department: engaged in product inspection, control of the production process to the inspection of the finished product, in strict accordance with the operation of enterprise standards, the accuracy of enterprise standards, higher than the ministerial standards or industry standards technical requirements.
4, sales department: engaged in the company's product sales, while providing users with better product supporting work, with the ability to set up laboratories at all levels, there is a good reputation.
5, after-sales department: our commitment is "user satisfaction", timely for users to solve problems, while the user's information timely feedback to the company, analysis and dissolution, in order to facilitate feedback to customers.
6. Logistics Department: responsible for the company's parts procurement, complete machine procurement, transportation and delivery, etc., to ensure the production needs and delivery transportation time.
7. General Department: responsible for the daily work of the company, regulating and supervising the work progress and production of various departments.
8. Finance Department: managed the company's operating cost control.